Monday, November 4, 2013

Free Birds

Here is some of my work from Free Birds (
I had a great time working on this film for the last couple years. I got to work on so many aspects of the development, which has been a fantastic artistic stretch. At the end of the film production, I was given the opportunity to color script a large portion of the film. I've included a few of the sequences, as well as an overview of all the sequences I worked on. ***NOTE: If you haven't seen the movie, this contains spoilers!!! Thanks for visiting!

Heading to CTN 2013!!!

Hey followers! It's been quite a while since I've posted, and quite alot has happened. The movie that I have worked on for the past three years at Reel FX Animation Studios has finally come out. If you haven't yet, please go show your support and see FREE BIRDS ( in theaters. This is my first feature credit, and I got to work with some fantastic artists. It was a huge learning experience. I'll be posting some work from the movie soon. So keep an eye out! Below is some recent personal work of mine. Thanks for following!